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Information for Fall 2022

Auditions will take place in late August 2022. More information will be coming soon.

Students should prepare the following items for their auditions:


A short 1-2 minute solo
2 Scales of your choice (the more octaves the better)


A short 1-2 minute to showcase your skills. The solo can be on any percussion instrument of your choosing.

String players: In order to be considered for our full symphonic group here are your audition requirements;

  • Your scales must be at least 2 octaves.

  • One scale must be in a key with 2 or more sharps.

  • The other scale must be in a key with 2 or more flats.

  • One scale must be minor

**For those who are not able to make our audition days please plan on your student auditioning for a staff member on the first day of rehearsal. 

August 2022


We are currently working on finalizing our schedule. Please check back soon!

Lawrence Youth Symphony